Longwood Hills

These stories are to become 10 novels set in the town of Longwood Hills. Love, hate, and even murder happen along the way as these character journey on towards different ends, there lives forever connected through the town they love.

Upcoming Books Include:
Jungle Gym
Mysterious Circumstances
Caught in the Act
From Here to There
Fallen From Grace
My Gift to you
A Weight to Carry
Collect Calls
Legally Speaking
No Class Reunion


Roger pulled up to the mail receptacle and fumbled around looking for the bill that was to be sent on its way. As he turned to Marie, he gave her a half smile and said, “Let’s get married.” As casually as you would say the sky is blue. Marie had a puzzled expression on her face, but said, “Sure. Let’s.” With a laugh about to erupt, she notice him pull out a ring box and half throw it at her.…

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The Move

She arrived early that morning to help her sister move. After 15 years in the same house, Deb wad headed out to work in the big city 2 hours away. Although Michelle was much younger, she always thought of Deb as her sister. Deb, on the other hand, treated her as only half a sister and often a pest at that. Deb and Michelle shared the same mom, but Michelle came along much later after their mom had gotten remarried.…

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