I don’t have a green thumb. I am a killer of plants. I am great at taking care of people, but people express their needs. Plants, on the other hand, should just need water, sunlight, and some minerals from the ground. They should be so much simpler to take care of. At least, that is what my mind keeps telling me. However, my abilities in that area never flourished.

I was recently given a plant for my birthday. The plant was beautiful and in bloom when it first came under my care. Gorgeous orange flowers contrasted to the bright green leaves. Within a few weeks, there were no blooms left which was fine because it had gone through its season, but with the blooms gone, my attention to it left. So, it wasn’t long before the green leaves were turning brown.

I had forgotten to water it. The leaves were withering and turning brittle. I remedied the problem by drowning it. Too much water isn’t good for the plant either.

Luckily for this botanical wonder, my friend came by and saw its dire condition. I gratefully handed the care of the plant over to her with the words, “There is still life at the roots.”

The same is true for us! If we know God and love God, there is still life at the roots. Our faith is our roots and God can bring it back to life just as my friend can bring life back to that plant and it can produce orange flowers again in season.

Let God be your water of life. Let Him be your sunshine that brings you joy. Let him be your healer and your provider. He is capable. He is willing and He loves you. He loves you so much that He gave His only begotten son so that YOU could have eternal life and have a relationship with Him. He is there, ready and willing. There is still life at your roots. Allow Him to let you bloom again.