Weight Loss

Fat Me, Skinny Me

I have been different shapes and sizes through the years. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not, but on the inside, I have always been me. Me with a crazy sense of humor. Me with joy in my heart. Me with love to share with others. Me with the overly critical eye, always seeking to make something perfect. Me with the same insecurities, same skills, same wants, same desires, and same faults. Ok, some of those things may have changed, but…

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A Calorie May Not Be A Calorie

“A calorie is a calorie is a calorie.” I heard it more than once in a weight loss challenge meeting. We were being instructed to save calories for a special treat if that was what we were craving. We were fed the lie that only calories count, and every calorie counts equally. I have come to the conclusion that such a belief is utter nonsense. Of course, the calories we eat make a difference and the total we eat during…

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There And Back Again: A story of weight loss, a second time around

In case you didn’t guess it already, I am a fan of Lord Of the Rings. In it, Bilbo wanted to go back and revisit all of the places from his previous adventure. It sounded like an excellent idea to reminisce days gone by and remember the danger, the victories, and the hard-won friendships. However, from my perspective, re-living the pain and discomfort, the hot, sweaty days and never ending cravings from my first weight loss adventure does not sound…

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