Center of Attention

He is not your typical little boy. While other children may collect toys of one type or another, he collects fans. You read that right, fans. The type that spin and cool you down on a hot summer day. He even takes them apart occasionally and puts them back together.

He is also inventive. His inventions may not always work, but that doesn’t stop him. He sees and object and turns it into something else completely like the flower holder he made me from parts of an air conditioner unit.

There is no doubt to me that this boy is an entrepreneur and inventor at heart. He also loves to draw and enjoys the clinics at Home Depot with his dad, and concerns himself with home security.

When he grows up, he wants to be President of the United States after having served as Secretary of the State. He’s got my vote!

Favorite Food: Chicken and Sweet Potato Fries

Favorite Drink: Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper

Favorite Ice Cream: Chocolate mixed with Magical Unicorn from The Tin Roof Country Store and Creamery

Favorite Color: Magenta