“A calorie is a calorie is a calorie.” I heard it more than once in a weight loss challenge meeting. We were being instructed to save calories for a special treat if that was what we were craving.

We were fed the lie that only calories count, and every calorie counts equally. I have come to the conclusion that such a belief is utter nonsense.

Of course, the calories we eat make a difference and the total we eat during g the day, the week and month make a difference.

However, I believe the biggest difference is the quality of the calories ingested. Eating an apple with 100 calories does not have the same effect as eating a 100 calorie snack pack loaded with gluten, sugar, and artificial flavors.

Of course, this only matters if our end goal is improved health and longevity. Most of the programs on the market today focus solely on changing the number on the scale.

There is little to no mention of whether that number derives from muscle wasting or fat loss. However, if we desire to look like the models portrayed in the after shots, the fat must go while the muscle mass stays or even increases.

The focus should also be on nutrition and optimal health. For this to be achieved, calories are not all equal. A calorie is not merely another calorie.