I can create worlds with the stroke of my pen. Then, with an eraser, I can make them disappear and create something entirely different, something new. Perhaps this new world will be better than the former, but perhaps not.

One might wonder where such great power comes from, but I can not tell you, for I scary know.

My imagination simply takes off at a run in which my mind scrambles to translate into words and my hands ache at the dictation.

Yet, for all of the places it will go, it does not go alone for it brings you, the reader on this great adventure.

The adventure will have an end. Perhaps you will have enjoyed the ride. Maybe you laughed or you cried.  Maybe you were angered or saddened.

Although we share this trip, we will not experience it the same way. For each rider has a unique past and hidden hopes for the future. Your view will be seen through these glasses of yours and I can see your precise view any more than you can see mine.

Those rare moments in which our vision is the same will be magical moments. An eagle soaring through the clouds. A rabbit scampering through the forest. As the rabbit enters the field, it is caught in the Eagles eye. Now, who are we, the bird or its prey.

Next, we are a shark diving deep in the ocean looking for a way to stay off hunger. Then, we are the ship, lifeless and emotionless floating overhead.

The story takes us up many steep inclines and rushes us down to the bottomless pit of emotions we did know existed. It jerked around curves and corners like a Roller coaster ride. We can not see our final destination, but it will soon be reached. As you exit the ride I hope you have a smile on your face or a tear in your eye. Yes, I hope you felt what the pen demanded I write.