I am one of the few (or perhaps simply one of the few that will admit to such) that have the ability to exist simultaneously in two worlds. The world that most call reality is but their reality saw through their individual experiences, biases, and beliefs.

The second world is one in which only I can see, but of course, I am not alone in this world. In fact,  I have more companionship in the second than in the first, and although there may be plenty of characters to argue with me or try and force their point of view on me, they all understand me. Yes, completely and wholly they know me. There is little doubt that their understanding of me goes deeper than my own and as for them, I can only understand them so much as the perils and victories this imaginary world forces upon them.

As I write and do my best to explain the world to those grounded in reality, I know that the readers only hope in grasping the happenings in this strange new world us to allow their mind to venture there as well.