If I let you, you will take over my mind completely. How did this begin?

We are just friends, yet I dream about you as if you were mine.

I remember our trip to the mountain top. The snow was glistening in the sun. I was shaking at the thoughts of traveling at a rapid pace toward trees and rocks with only small pieces of wood beneath my feet.

You gave me the confidence to try. The experience was exhilarating, and so I wanted to go again and again until you finally said enough for the day. Our quiet dinner before a roaring fire. Laughter. Companionship.

Our next trip took us to the depths of the oceans. You helped me fasten the massive apparatus to my back and double checked everything before we dove in, and dive in I did. Head over heels – for you. Without warning.

Many afternoons, we rode Amber and Blaze to the top of the hill. The joy of just being next to you, watching the sunset. The desire to be by your side when the sun rose. Wondering how you feel.

Our talks about work and family, life and death. Nothing unusual. Many would find it annoying. I enjoy listening to you. Do you hear my unspoken thoughts? Do I let you?