It is the age old argument against the existence of God. Bad things happen. Of course, believers can turn to His word, the Holy Bible and know that we should NOT be surprised when bad things happen as if it were some strange thing, for this world is full of sin (See I Peter 4:12). Sin causes bad things to happen.

Let’s take what is considered one of the “simplest” of sins if you will. Coveting. In this day and age, people are not just keeping up with the Joneses; they are keeping up with them at a rapid pace based on their social media posts. Coveting leads to a number of bad things like debt and theft.

Don’t think debt is bad? Sit down and crunch the numbers and realize how much money you are wasting away on the interest that could instead be working for your benefit in a retirement fund.

Perhaps you don’t think adultery is that big of a deal at least until you are on the losing end. The teen pregnancy, abortion, divorce, STD transmission, and more such bad things can come out of this.

Did God simply allow it? Or is it the consequence of sin and bad behavior?

I see it this way, there are bad things all around and good things, too. Our perspective changes everything. When things are bad, we only see darkness, but when things are good, we only see the light. However, the good and bad within our life does not determine God’s existence but merely whether we were keeping our eyes on Him.

Just as you can not see the moon when it is a new moon, but it is there none the less.