It is the existential question that has plagued mankind for generations. “Is there a God?”

Perhaps the reason we struggle with such the question is that we ask this of people as if an all powerful, all knowing being could be summed up in any amount of words.

Alas, even the Bible cannot contain God in all of His infinity. It’s chapters and verses has an end, but God does not. Of course, it is a great book for believers and provides guidelines in every aspect of life. However,  it is not actually God, but merely a recording of His word. For the non-believer, it does not hold the same reverence nor the same authority, which of course is a shame in and of itself since because God’s word does not return void – even for the unbeliever.

Therefore,  the question remains, yet for all of its importance in society, it is the WRONG question. For the only one that can show us, God is God. Therefore, we should be addressing Him to receive an answer and to ask Him a question; we must already believe He is there.

In the end, the real question is not whether or not God exists, but whether or not we are listening to the answer.