You are as the sun and I as the moon
We are so close and intertwined
Yet, a vast distance keeps us apart

We rely on one another
But we are never to touch
Never to cross that line

The light I shine is but a mere reflection of you
You give me purpose
It is for you that I rise each night

I follow you wherever you may go
I cross the oceans
I climb the mountains

I lose part of myself as I go
Until I am but a sliver of what I once was
And then darkness overtakes me

You ignore me as you shine so bright
It is as if I have no meaning to you
I am almost hidden from your sight

Then, a time will come
when I will step in front of you
For that brief moment, our dynamic will change

Though the oceans feel the pull
Of my love for you
We will always be apart, yet a part of one another

For you are the sun
And I am the moon.