I rode the wave, moving up and down where ever it took me. Not on a boat, nor floating on top. No, I was like a drop of water, powerless to control my destiny.

I migrated to the top and the sun’s rays beat down on me mercilessly, not caring of my agony. Then, I sunk to the deepest darkest bottom, blind to what was around me, yet feeling the darkness penetrate my very soul.

Suddenly, I was thrown upon the shore, forgotten for a brief moment, only to be dragged back with the others being pulled down and tumbled around until I did not know which way I was facing or where I would go next.

Then, it was over. I was left forever more on the shore with only a memory of the experiences. I could do it all over again. I could read the story again, but this time, it would be different for I knew the twists and turns. Alas, I could never have the exact same adventure again.