I was surprised to find a quote about the American health crisis in the book On Writing Well by William Zinsser. The quote stated, to me, the truth of why Americans are experiencing obesity, cancer, heart disease, and more at an alarming rate. The quote,”…Americans don’t know, or care, what goes into the food they eat.”

That’s a simple truth. We don’t want to know, and we don’t care. I challenge you to be different – read, learn, and change as a result.

I refuse to eat any mechanically separated meat. Why? Simply do an Internet search and discover the truth. For the facts are too gruesome for me to write here. I believe such a product should not be called food.

Also, we purchase items (again, I will NOT refer to this as food) with a plethora of chemicals. MSG, Sodium Benzoate, Aspartame, and so much more. There are some of us that experience severe adverse reactions to such substances but lack the understanding to connect the dots.

Do not be the shopper buying the weekly groceries that grabs a package because it is the cheapest nor because it is a name brand. No, be the individual that reads the labels and makes the healthiest choice available.

Learn what these chemicals are and avoid them. Companies will change their production process if we change our buying habits. Find out how they manufacturer these foods and demand the healthiest options.

Be the constituent that calls their representatives and urges then to keep truth in labeling. Don’t be like the majority of people, look out for health first in the food isle.