Your needs are your wants or so convinces us the advertisements that continuously bombards us daily. Whether it is trunk that can shut itself or hair every unnatural color imaginable, we believe the product will, in fact, make our lives easier, more complete, or make us more attractive.

However, the truth is, very few of these products will fill the void inside nor can it change how others truly perceive us. No, actual change takes more than a single purchase.

On the flip side, these companies employee people. People of all skill sets and education levels. People with bills to pay and individuals with their own wants disguising as needs.

In this sense, the items truly are necessities for it is their purchase that keeps our economy going. It is these things that keep others employed and a productive part of society. Buying items keep us all going and working for more, for betterment, and for the future of all. Therefore, keep on purchasing those unnecessary necessities and adding value to our nation.