The thief let herself in. The homeowner was unaware of the atrocities striking at that very moment.

Through years of hard work and knowledge – learned and re-learned, the owner had set out to help others along the same path. The owner, revered in her field, while the thief was unknown.

The owner had built something beautiful. A kitchen, so unique, it was the envy of anyone who’s eyes were to behold it. The living room was immaculate and featured in magazines.

The backyard, cozy and inviting, made everyone feel welcome, even the thief.

The thief, however, wanted to waste no time. Learning was a chore and too painstaking a process. The thief simply took and laid claim to that which belonged to another.

While the owner was busy making a guest room to match the splendor of the rest of the home, the thief began her work, if one could call it work. The thief simply hiked her leg and marked the territory as her own. After all, who would notice the stench of urine among the potpourri fragrance throughout?

The thief was caught off guard when someone did notice. The changes in dialectic and style gave them away. A bedroom from a modern home did not mix with the elegance of a Victorian living room nor the relaxed mood of a country kitchen. Yes, the thief, the plagiarist, gave herself away.