A weaver’s afghan began not at the loom. No, the piece first began with an idea. The idea then took form and solidified.

The idea had to take shape and that required action. The proper loom and just the right threads had to be found. The colors had to be chosen in proper hues to bring the idea life and fulfill its final destiny.

Then, the weaver began taking the twists and turns to necessary make a straight thread become a solid cloth which would warm and cover another. The thread would go here and there finding just the right way to bend and travel.

In the end, the weaver would either be pleased on entirely disappointed with the result. At some time along the way, the thread had taken charge and made itself known separate from the original idea that set it in motion.

So, here it is, the finished project ready for your consumption. The weaver is now a mere author, waiting for either praise or criticism to pierce their heart.