Have you ever felt like you’re asking the wrong question? I have. Way too many times.

I remember one time in particular. My family had it been invited to two different churches for their Wednesday night youth functions. We took our time and went to both churches. Study their beliefs to make sure they aligned with ours. Got to know the people running the groups and love them. Let our children experience what they had to offer.

We were torn. We love them both. I prayed many times and ask God which one we were supposed to be part of. I wanted to make sure their spiritual guidance was part of our daily life. I felt these groups would enhance what we were trying to teach them at home.

I wanted God to give me an answer. I wanted to know which one would be better for our family. I asked. I asked again. I asked a third time. I asked a fourth time.

Then, I asked God why he hadn’t answered me. Why did he not given me a clear Direction on which way to go.

He informed me he had already answered me.

That is when I realized I was asking the wrong question. Only those two options. We were supposed to go to Church A or Church B on Wednesday nights.

However, the answer was neither of them. When I realized I was asking the wrong question I start asking the right question and found that we were supposed to be staying at home and enjoying our family.

Our work schedules already had us gone away from the house over 80 hours a week. We didn’t need the strain or the responsibility of being at yet another location away from home for more hours of the day. We needed that time as a family and God knew that.

To get the right answers we have to ask the right question.